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Born in 1963 in North Carolina, Tori Amos is a highly acclaimed and respected singer-songwriter. A classically trained pianist she was the youngest person to win a scholarship to the Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University at just 5 years old. Moving to Los Angeles in 1984, she formed a band called Y Kant Tori Read in 1986. Having been signed to Atlantic Records they released an album that was a flop, shortly after which the band broke up. However Tori Amos was still under contract with the record company and 1992 saw the release of her debut album “Little Earthquakes”. This album saw Amos revert back to her piano upbringing having been forced down the rock route while in the band. The album included tracks such as 'Crucify' and 'Silent All These Years' and were to feature the powerful lyrics which have gained her such a large and loyal fan base. Grammy nominated albums Under The Pink and Boys For Pele were to follow, with Amos adding more accompanying instruments to her piano sound. After the birth of her daughter in 2001 Amos released her first concept album Strange Little Girls, a cover album reversing the gender roles. In late 2001 Amos had moved to Epic Records where she was to remain for a further 7 years. In 2011 she released Night Of Hunters, an album that paid tribute to the classical composers such as Bach, Debussy and Schubert. Amos has also contributed to movie soundtracks through her career and these include Toys, Escape From New York, Twister and Mission Impossible 2. The most recent album release from Tori Amos was Unrepentant Geraldines in 2014 and saw a return to her contemporary song writing with the emotionally intense lyrics that Amos has become so well known and respected for.

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